Ring 2 - From 9.30 am


All handlers 17yrs & under must wear a hard hat. Saddlers RC organisers strongly recommend hard hats are worn by all.

Colts & stallions to be bitted, handlers over 16yrs.

9.15am Competitors are invited to a free practice round with their horses under Warm Up the guidance of the ring steward. Support given where needed.

Class 9 - Novice Senior Handler.  

For handlers 15 years and over on 01/01/21 not to have been placed first in previous years in any In Hand Class at any show. Support and advice given if needed. Please enter the class in the spirit it is intended. 

Class 10 -  In Hand Three Years and Under. 

Open to horses and ponies born in or after 2018. Saddlers RC Rosette to the highest placed yearling. Foals must be a minimum of 4 weeks old on the day of the show.

Class 11 - In Hand Mare 4 Years and Over.  

Born in or before 2017. Any height or breed. Annual trophy donated by Zoe Golding in memory of Riverdance.

Class 12 - In Hand Gelding 4 Years and Over.  

Born in or before 2017. Any height or breed. 

Class 13 - In Hand Veteran Horse or Pony 15 Years & Over.  

Born in or before 2006. Horses age must be displayed on the bridle. Saddlers RC rosette awarded to the highest placed veteran over 25 years. Annual trophy in memorial of Granby Desert Spice kindly donated by Vanessa Atkins and Donna Jillings.

Class 14 - In Hand Coloured, Spotted & Palomino.  

Any breed, height, age.

Class 15 - In Hand Cobs, Traditional & Heavyweights.  

To be shown according to type. 

Class 16 - In Hand Driving Type.  

Open to horses and ponies any age. No vehicles permitted.

The following classes will not commence before 11.30am

Class 17 - Young Handler.  

Handlers to be 14 years or under on 01/01/21. Hard hats must be secured at all times. No colts or stallions. Saddlers RC rosette to highest placed Mini Handler under the age of 9 years. Adult assistance allowed in the Mini section. Kindly sponsored by The Card Shop

Class 18 - In Hand Mountain and Moorland Small Breeds.  

Ponies to be shown in a natural state. Open to pure bred Dartmoor, Exmoor, Welsh Sec A, Welsh Sec B and Shetland. Rosette to highest placed Shetland in each class.  End of year points awarded for Annual Shetland Trophy which is kindly donated by Mrs S Male at Nunswell Shetlands.

Class 19 - In Hand Mountain and Moorland Large Breeds.  

Horses and ponies to be shown in natural state. Open to pure bred Welsh Sec C, Welsh Sec D, Fell, Dales, New Forest, Connemara and Highland. 

Class 20 - In Hand Riding Club & Sports Horse or Pony Type.  

Open to any horse or pony suitable for all riding club activities. Judged on suitability, manners & turnout.  Any age, not to exceed 153cms at maturity. Rosette awarded to the highest placed retrained racehorse by Natalie Vale in memory of Divertimento. This class is kindly sponsored by Rosette Displays.

Class 21 - In Hand Foreign Breeds and Part Breeds. 

Open to any horse or pony that is non-indigenous to the British Isles, excludes Irish horses/ponies.

Class 22 - In Hand Arab / Part Arab / Anglo Arab.  

IN HAND CHAMPIONSHIP for First and Second Prize Winners


CHAMPIONSHIP held at the end of the ridden classes