Ring 3 - From 9.30 am


9.15am Competitors are invited to a free practice round with their horses under Warm Up the guidance of the ring steward. Support given where needed.

Class 23 - Open Ridden Best Turned.  

Open to all, including lead rein riders. Judged solely on turnout.

Class 24 - Tiny Tots Lead Rein Showing.  

Ponies 12.2hh & under. Riders 9 years and under on 01.01.21. Judged on suitability and presentation of pony and rider. Kindly sponsored by Glamour and Glitz.

Class 25 - Young Rider.  

Riders 11 years and under on 01.01.21. Ponies 14.2hh & under. Walk & trot only on the go-round. Optional canter in individual performance. Saddlers RC rosette awarded to the highest placed rider aged 9 years or under. Lead rein competitors may compete in this class off the lead rein, but must stay on the lead rein in all other classes on the day.  Kindly Sponsored by Diamond Equestrian. 

Class 26 - Open Ridden Mountain and Moorland. 

Open to purebred Welsh Sections A, B, C, D, Exmoor, Dartmoor, Shetland, Dales, New Forest, Connemara, Fell, Highland. Open to riders any age. Riders who are 9 years & under may compete on the lead rein on ponies 12.2hh & under. 

Class 27 - Junior Best Rider.  

Riders 16 years & under on 01.01.21. Open to horses & ponies. Judged on rider ability, performance, turnout and presentation.

Class 28 - Best Ridden Pony.  

Ponies 14.2hh & under. Open to any breed, riders any age. Judged on performance, manners & conformation. 

Not before 11am

Class 29 - Newcomer / Novice Ridden.  

A class for genuinely novice horses, ponies or riders. Riders to be at least 12 years old or over on 01.01.21. Riders will not be asked to canter as a group but may include canter in their individual performance. Please enter this class in the spirit it is intended. Combination of horse / pony & rider not to have competed together in previous years at any show.  This class is kindly sponsored by Pristine Pony.

Class 30 - Ridden Veteran Horses & Ponies 15yrs & Over.  

Born in or before 2006. Horses age must be displayed on the bridle. No spurs or galloping in this class. In Memory of Chapel Holly

Class 31 - Open Ridden Coloured, Spotted & Palomino.  

Any breed or height, riders any age. 

Class 32 - Ridden Cobs, Traditionals & Heavyweights.  

To be shown according to type. This class is kindly sponsored by 1st Workwear.

Class 33 - Ridden Family Horses & Ponies.  

May include lead rein entries. Judged on manners and suitability of horse / pony for his or her rider. 

Class 34 - Senior Best Rider.  

Riders 17 years and over on 01.01.21. Open to horses & ponies. Judged on rider ability, performance, turnout and presentation.

Class 35 - Best Ridden Horse.  

Horses exceeding 14.2hh. Open to any breed, riders any age. Judged on conformation, manners and performance.

Class 36 Riding Club / Sports Horse or Pony.  

Open to any horse or pony suitable for all riding club activities. Judged on suitability, manners and performance. Rosette to highest placed retrained racehorse kindly sponsored by Natalie Vale in memory of Divertimento. End of year trophies donated by Kelly Bond in memory of Baileys Irish Dream

JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP for 1st & 2nd prize winners both in hand & ridden.

RIDDEN CHAMPIONSHIP for 1st and 2nd Prize Winners.  Class kindly sponsored by Pool House Equine Clinic