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Passports and Vaccination!!

Horses must be accompanied by their passport at all times. The exceptions are when the horse is stabled, out at pasture or if the horse is moved on foot. However, the passport must be made available within three hours of it being requested by an enforcement agency.

  • The passport must always accompany the horse: 

  • When the horse is moved into or out of the United Kingdom

  • When the horse is used at a competition

  • When the horse is moved to new premises

  • When the horse is presented at a slaughterhouse for slaughter

  • At the time a horse is sold

  • When the horse is used for breeding purposes

  • When a veterinary surgeon attends the horse to administer vaccinations or if the horse requires medication

  • When the horse is transported

The only exception when the passport is not required is when the horse is being transported for emergency veterinary treatment. 

Failing to identify horses in accordance with the legislation could result in a fine of up to £5,000.

If you do not have your passport then you will be asked to leave the Saddlers show ground immediately.


All horses in competition should be vaccinated a minimum of 12 monthly with some competition bodies now requiring 6 monthly vaccinations.

Saddlers riding club only ask for 12 monthly. This is to protect your horse as well as other competitors animals. A horse or pony MUST have it's first vaccination and booster at least 7 days before being allowed to compete. Equine flu is a serious disease that can Kill.

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