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Show Day Checklist


  • Bridle

  • Saddle

  • Showing head collar

  • Saddler pad/nummnah

  • Spare reins, stirrup leathers and stirrups

  • Spare girth


  • Brushes

  • Show shine

  • White chalk (if necessery)

  • Baby whipes

  • Leather whipes

  • Hoof picks


  • Passport

  • Show cane/whip

  • Lunge line

  • Spare head collar and lead ropes

  • Water

  • Water bucket

  • Plenty of full haynets

  • Treats

Riders show attire - See Show wear for Riders/handlers

PLEASE Remember:

  1. Show clothes

  2. Showing hat

  3. Children

  4. Horse/Pony

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