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Show wear for Riders/Handlers

First Impressions

First Impressions count. When you walk in the ring you want to be remembered for the right reasons. The overall impression should be smart, appropriate, safe and comfortable at whatever level you are competing at.

Unaffiliated Classes

When competing at a local show there are a variety of classes you will be able to compete in. Attire will vary from class to class, but the basic attire will be suitable for any you choose to enter.

For riders/handlers in any class:

• Jackets can be tweed, black or blue

• Pale coloured shirt and tie

• Jodhpurs need to be light in colour - fawn, beige or cream will be fine

• Short jodhpur boots in black or brown for children with jodhpur clips if possible

• Short boots and gaiters in black or brown can be worn for teenagers/adult riders

• Long boots in black or brown can be worn by teenagers/adults if you prefer

• Hair should be neat and tidy - for girls’ plaits, and teenagers/ladies a neat bun

• Gloves and showing cane (no longer than 30”)

• Hats should always be worn to the current safety standard and in accordance with the show’s rules

• Jewellery - no ear rings, piercings, or visible jewellery should be worn for any classes

• Handlers in Lead Rein classes can wear also wear tweed jacket and trousers or skirt for ladies. The overall look must be smart, presentable and practical

• In jumping/ridden classes, you are allowed to wear a body protector

In hand classes:

• Suit, smart tweed jacket or waistcoat and trousers/skirt

• Shirt with a collar and tie

• Hat - a hard hat (16 years and under must wear a hard hat), bowler (for men) or Trilby type hat is acceptable

• Gloves - black, brown, fawn or tan

• Footwear which is safe and has enough grip for walking and running on varying ground conditions. Trainers are not ideal as they do not provide enough protection

• Show Cane - this should be no longer than 30 inches (not essential)

In hot weather, riders may be allowed to compete without jackets at the judges’ discretion, wearing shirts with long sleeves and ties firmly secured.

Top Tips

1. Be smart, presentable and on time.

2. The Judges are also there to help you. If you are not sure ask their advice.

3. Be polite and courteous to your fellow competitors.

4. Smile and enjoy your day.

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